• Cape Fear Vocational Services

ICF-IID Group Homes

Residential Support

We believe that every person we support should have control over where and with whom they live. We operate our two six-bed group homes with this concept in mind. These homes are classified as Intermediate Care Facilities for people with Intellectual Disabilities (ICF-IID). Our homes are situated in established neighborhoods in Wilmington, North Carolina. Each person residing in these homes have their own room, which they may decorate to fit their tastes. Each person has an individualized plan that he or she creates with the support of our interdisciplinary team. We assist in short and long-term goal development emphasizing personal growth, education, and skill acquisition.

Educational and Vocational Development

Many people in our residential program also participate in our Life Enhancement Center. Our approach is to assist each person to find employment and retain employment in the community. Results are accomplished through small business development, volunteer opportunities, or job placement assistance. The program includes intensive training and support to assist individuals in determining vocational interests, building skills that will make employment successful, and developing partnerships with potential employers to ensure their long-term success.

Community Inclusion

We believe that everyone needs to have an active role in the community in which they live. Historically, individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities are often excluded from the community, which is a detriment to these individuals and the community as a whole. We assist participants in exploring their community and making the type of community connections that most of us take for granted. Aspects of our community inclusion program include leisure activities, educational programs, religious events, employment activities, social activities, and goal setting.