Managerial Staff

Executive & Managerial Staff

Ed Walsh
Executive Director

Ansylene Mitchell
Director of Residential Services

Courtney Horton
Program Director of Supported Employment

Jessica Hicks
Program Director of Supported Employment

Keyana Mapson
Office Manager

Denise Williams
Human Resources Specialist

Randi Staniurski
Licensed Professional Nurse

Nancy King,
Quality Assurance-Improvement Coordinator

Megan Dulaney,
Area Director Wilmington

Sarah Bass, Area Director
Jacksonville and New Bern

Samantha Read,
Area Director, Durham

Area Director Winston-Salem

Zachery Hrubik,
Area Director Lexington

Kate Heck, Area Director Greensboro and Burlington

Shante Batts,
Group Homes Manager

Saqulah Ellison, Group Home Manager

Maya Deleon,
Qualified Professional