Cape Fear GH Participates in NCDHHS “Money Follows the Person” Webinar

Cape Fear Group Homes is dedicated to providing ongoing options and opportunities to the people we serve in our group homes. We take pride in the fact we are always seeking to expand our knowledge base, skills, and continuing education. On July 28th, we participated in a Webinar presented by the NC Department of Health and Human Services (NCDHHS) about the Money Follows the Person (MFP) program.

The “No Frills MFP Transitional Coordination Training” was hosted by Steve Stromm, MFP Project Director and Tracy Pakornsawat, MFP Development Coordinator. MFP is a state project that helps NC Medicaid-eligible North Carolinians living in inpatient facilities to move into their own homes and communities with supports. Cape Fear Group Homes has a 4-bed Waiver Home for individuals who are a part of the MFP project or already have an Innovations Waiver Slot. For an information on MFP please visit

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Cape Fear Group Homes-Vocational Services attend training addressing recruitment, satisfaction, and motivation

Supervisors from Cape Fear Group Homes and Cape Fear Vocational Services were able to attend an online training addressing staff recruitment, satisfaction, and motivation. Ryan Aldrich, M.S., CESP™ led the training and gave the opportunity for all attending non-profits to share what has worked for them. Mr. Aldrich is a successful educator and consultant who is also on the board for (APSE – Association of People Supporting EmploymentFirst. He challenged us to break the training into segments which will be ongoing for the long term. The next training for this series will be Wednesday July 26th.

Cape Fear Vocational Services attends NC APSE Conference

Cape Fear Vocational Services staff members had the opportunity to attend the North Carolina APSE Conference at the end of March. The theme this year was “New Beginnings-New Possibilities”. The staff were able to learn, share ideas and resources. Most importantly updates were provided on legislation and how it impacts CFVS along with the people we support. This inspiring event helped us make connections with other providers that will be beneficial for the long term!
(APSE – Association of People Supporting EmploymentFirst) is the largest membership organization dedicated to the growth and expansion of supported and customized employment for persons with disabilities.

2021 Satisfaction Survey Results are in!

The results of our 2021 staff satisfaction and stakeholder satisfaction survey are in. Our staff satisfaction is 94% and our stakeholder satisfaction is 95%. We are so proud of these results as we continue to strive for excellence in 2022!

Read what some of our stakeholders are saying.

“Cape Fear Group Homes attends to everything! The people that work there are awesome!”

“Cape Fear Vocational Services is an all-around great organization to work with in my experience. Communication, timeliness, and thoroughness are top notch!”

Martha Wilson, CFVS Employment Specialist receives ABC 45 “Pay it Forward” award

Martha Wilson, an employment specialist at Cape Fear Vocational Services in our Winston Salem program, is the ABC 45 News “Pay it Forward” recipient of the month! We are so proud of you!  Read the story here:

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