CFVS awarded Certificate of Appreciation from NC Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services

“From the bottom of our hearts, please accept our most sincere thanks for working with our staff at Vocational Rehabilitation.

Thank you so much for all you do- all the employer visits, meeting at client’s homes, navigating medical or mental health crises, putting out fires, being a mentor, teacher, personal shopper, fashion designer, good cop, bad cop, nurse, sometimes a chauffeur and truly being an extended part of their family in helping them grow toward their goals!

We thank you for braving the pandemic and continuing to work on the front lines during this crazy, ‘unprecedented’ (aren’t you tired of hearing that?) time. You often go above and beyond to help each person with their individual and sometimes specialized needs and NEVER give up! We know it is not always glamorous, nor easy, but know that YOU are making a BIG difference in someone’s life daily, and YOU ARE APPRECIATED!

Thank you for seeing the ABILITY of these employees, instead of their limitations. We are eternally grateful for your kindness, your time and continued support.

It may be small and could never be enough, but please accept this Certificate of Appreciation and Recognition as a Distinguished Employer in promoting disability awareness and inclusion, and opportunity for all.”

Your friends at Vocational Rehabilitation in Morehead City and New Bern, NC.