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Cape Fear Vocational Services attends NC APSE Conference

Cape Fear Vocational Services staff members had the opportunity to attend the North Carolina APSE Conference at the end of March. The theme this year was “New Beginnings-New Possibilities”. The staff were able to learn, share ideas and resources. Most importantly updates were provided on legislation and how it impacts CFVS along with the people we support. This inspiring event helped us make connections with other providers that will be beneficial for the long term!
(APSE – Association of People Supporting EmploymentFirst) is the largest membership organization dedicated to the growth and expansion of supported and customized employment for persons with disabilities.

Lawahna Corbett – a shining star

Lawahna Corbett began her career with Cape Fear Group Homes 12 years ago. Quiet and reserved, she came to work every day determined to learn all she could.

This young lady’s work ethic has remained the same from the beginning, clients first, always.  As a single mom of 3 she had to pass up certain promotions to be there for her kids, but still exhibited growth and resilience in both her professional and personal life.  Now that all her children are older, she finally accepted the 1st Shift Coordinator position at Robin Hood Group Home in 2019.  Lawahna knew the time was right. She was determined to move forward in her career and was finally ready to show her skills.  She has rapport with parents and staff, with her soft spoken and steady leadership and has earned respect in her role with her gentle personality and caring spirit .   

During this COVID-19 PANDEMIC Lawahna has never wavered as a reliable employee, adjusting to all the changes with a positive attitude as a team player.  She made it a priority to maintain a normal schedule for our clients. She has been a strong leader, guiding the staff to understand the changes that were needed and  creative ways to make them happen. 

Thank you Lawahna Corbett. You are truly a shining star for the entire Cape Fear Group Homes family!  

Submitted by Ansylene Mitchell, QP (Ms. Angie)

Ed Walsh, Executive Director CFGH