CFVS awarded Certificate of Appreciation from NC Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services

“From the bottom of our hearts, please accept our most sincere thanks for working with our staff at Vocational Rehabilitation.

Thank you so much for all you do- all the employer visits, meeting at client’s homes, navigating medical or mental health crises, putting out fires, being a mentor, teacher, personal shopper, fashion designer, good cop, bad cop, nurse, sometimes a chauffeur and truly being an extended part of their family in helping them grow toward their goals!

We thank you for braving the pandemic and continuing to work on the front lines during this crazy, ‘unprecedented’ (aren’t you tired of hearing that?) time. You often go above and beyond to help each person with their individual and sometimes specialized needs and NEVER give up! We know it is not always glamorous, nor easy, but know that YOU are making a BIG difference in someone’s life daily, and YOU ARE APPRECIATED!

Thank you for seeing the ABILITY of these employees, instead of their limitations. We are eternally grateful for your kindness, your time and continued support.

It may be small and could never be enough, but please accept this Certificate of Appreciation and Recognition as a Distinguished Employer in promoting disability awareness and inclusion, and opportunity for all.”

Your friends at Vocational Rehabilitation in Morehead City and New Bern, NC.

Lawahna Corbett – a shining star

Lawahna Corbett began her career with Cape Fear Group Homes 12 years ago. Quiet and reserved, she came to work every day determined to learn all she could.

This young lady’s work ethic has remained the same from the beginning, clients first, always.  As a single mom of 3 she had to pass up certain promotions to be there for her kids, but still exhibited growth and resilience in both her professional and personal life.  Now that all her children are older, she finally accepted the 1st Shift Coordinator position at Robin Hood Group Home in 2019.  Lawahna knew the time was right. She was determined to move forward in her career and was finally ready to show her skills.  She has rapport with parents and staff, with her soft spoken and steady leadership and has earned respect in her role with her gentle personality and caring spirit .   

During this COVID-19 PANDEMIC Lawahna has never wavered as a reliable employee, adjusting to all the changes with a positive attitude as a team player.  She made it a priority to maintain a normal schedule for our clients. She has been a strong leader, guiding the staff to understand the changes that were needed and  creative ways to make them happen. 

Thank you Lawahna Corbett. You are truly a shining star for the entire Cape Fear Group Homes family!  

Submitted by Ansylene Mitchell, QP (Ms. Angie)

Ed Walsh, Executive Director CFGH

Will Smith, Everyday Hero

Countless people serve our communities each day, but are often overlooked. COVID-19 has made us all better understand the significant role employees play in our everyday lives. We want to give a special shout-out to Will Smith, Assistant Director of Vocational Services who is one of those everyday heroes that embodies what is best about Cape Fear Vocational Services.

During this unprecedented time, Will’s creativity in job development strategies has assisted 26 clients find jobs since March 15th! He also was instrumental in developing a plan for remote new hire training for our Employment Specialists and a Community Inclusion Program that is now implemented throughout the state. “Will demonstrates compassion, integrity, adaptability, and creativity and is one of the best staff I’ve had the pleasure to work with” says Kevin Cook, Regional Director of Vocational Services.

Will was one of our highest performing Employment Specialists. Since becoming the Assistant Director for Forsyth, Surry, Stokes, and Yadkin counties, he has revitalized the service area and developed strong relationships with VR, employers, participants, and staff.

Thank you Will!

We congratulate 2020 Thomas Baroch Advocacy Award winners, Will Dickey and Meghan Sorensen

The Thomas Baroch Advocacy Award was created by the Spina Bifida Association (SBA) in 2019 to recognize outstanding advocates on the national and/or state level. The award is presented annually to an individual who has had significant and lasting impact on advocacy for research and other policy issues affecting the lives of people with Spina Bifida. This years’ winners are Will Dickey and Meghan Sorensen.

Will Dickey has been an Employment Specialist with Cape Fear Vocational Services for seven years. He provides services to clients in Guilford County and throughout the western region of North Carolina. The Advocacy award was started just last year to commemorate Will’s dear friend Tom Baroch, who passed away from Spina Bifida. He was a well-known advocate in the Spina Bifida community that helped establish our activism and advocacy efforts today.

Will says, “Over the last decade I have been continually active with the national SBA haven being born with the condition myself. During this time, I helped establish the Spina Bifida Association of the Carolinas which is a national chapter that helps educate, advocate, and assist people with Spina Bifida in North and South Carolina. For the last two years, I have been co-chair of the national SBA’s advocacy committee. In this role, I work directly with the SBA CEO regarding policy and legislation that affects our fellow constituents. I also play an active role in coordinating The Spina Bifida advocacy event, “Teal on the Hill “, where our fellow constituents speak directly with their representatives in Washington DC.”

Tom Baroch was known by many as a man who cared about people with Spina Bifida. He was a long-time advocate who worked hard to make sure that the Spina Bifida community’s voices were heard both in the United States and abroad, especially in Guatemala. Before his sudden death in November 2018, he served on the SBA Board of Directors from 2001 to 2004; worked intensively with the SBA of Colorado and the International Federation for Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus; attended SBA’s first annual Teal on the Hill advocacy event, writing a reflection on his experience; and was working to help establish a Spina Bifida clinic in Las Vegas, Nevada.In 2018, a scholarship fund was established in his memory to provide adults with Spina Bifida the opportunity to attend Teal on the Hill.

In 2019, nine scholarships were provided to recipients across the United States, enabling them to travel to Washington, DC and meet with their Members of Congress. In addition, a Thomas Baroch Advocacy Award was set up in 2019 to recognize outstanding advocates on the national and/or state level. The award will be presented annually to an individual who has had significant and lasting impact on advocacy for research and other policy issues affecting the lives of people with Spina Bifida.

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Jobs Report for Vocational Services Participants

Cape Fear Vocational Services had one hundred and nineteen new participants in our supported employment program the last quarter of 2019. We helped our participants in procuring seventy-four jobs. Sixty-two of these people closed successfully meaning they worked at least 90 days on their own. So proud of our staff and our participants!