Well, we are nearly a month into 2016, and Cape Fear Vocational Services is going strong! The job placements did not stop through the holidays, and thanks to the hard work of our employment specialists, the job opportunities are still coming! With the New Year, Cape Fear Vocational Services staff is expanding their professional and educational awareness and abilities through various trainings, committees, and networking opportunities. Courtney Horton, Eastern Regional Director, continues to be on the Board of Directors for the North Carolina National Association of People Supporting EmplomentFirst (NCAPSE), as well as serving as the co-chair for the NCAPSE Public Policy Committee. She also continues to serve on the New Hanover County Schools Transition Advisory Board, the ODEP committee, and on our internal Program Development committee. Courtney has also joined the VR Trinity Planning committee to assist in the planning of this conference. Megan Dulaney, Program Development Specialist, has taken a role on the NCAPSE Professional Development Committee; and Erin Vance, Assistant Director for a portion of the eastern counties, is also now serving on the NCAPSE Public Policy Committee. We hope to use these opportunities to maintain awareness of upcoming changes to legislation and service provision, and to train our staff on new information. Scott Porter and Amber Taggert, both Employment Specialists with CFVS, have verbalized their interest in working more with the people that we serve to make an even greater impact ….consequently, we would like to congratulate them both on their new FULL TIME positions within CFVS!!! Also, a huge congratulations and thank you to Peggy Heusinkveld, who has accepted and flourished in a role within Cape Fear Group Homes, as a support staff for the management team. Peggy is a success story in and of herself as she recently closed successfully in the VR system. Our management team now wonders what we would do without her. Throughout our growth as an organization, we have maintained an exceptionally high level of person centeredness, and are proud to continue upholding that standard for the people that we serve. We look forward to a great year full of successes for the people that we serve and for our organization.